Upcoming Events

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

    (Holy birthday of Lord Sri Krishna.)

    August 12th, Wednesday

    Time: Puja will start at 6.30 p.m


Ganesh Chaturthi
August 22, Saturday

   Special Ganesh puja starts at 6.30 p.m.


Seven days discourse on ‘Sreemat Bhagavad Mahapuran’ or

                  “Bhagavat Saptaha/Bhagavat katha

     ‘Sreemat Bhagavad Mahapuran’ is one of the classic scriptures in the line of bhakti or devotion

Officiating: Pandit Rajin Balgobin

(discourse will be in English language)

     Celebration of the 23rd annual Foundation day festivals of the New Jersey chapter of ‘Bharat Sevashram Sangha’

      Date:  August 31st, Monday to September 6th, Sunday

      Time: Monday to Saturday from 6.30p.m. to 9p.m.

                     Sunday – from 10am to 12p.m.

We are looking forward from devotees to sponsor any of these events.
For sponsorship, please call Ashram at 732 422 8880.

(Note: Whenever you come to ashram, please put your musk on.
Also please maintain social distances, as permitted by law.)

Thanking you for your support,

Swami Amarnathananda


Update on Relief Operation
as of 7/12/2020


Dear devotees,

Please see updated information below sent by the General Secretary, Pujja Swami Biswatmanandaji Maharaj.
Bharat Sevashram Sangha is rendering service to the people affected by COVID-19 and ‘Amphan super cyclone’.

If you are still interested in donating towards these relief work,
please make your check payable to ‘Bharat Sevashram Sangha’ and mail to:

Bharat Sevashram Sangha
3490 Route 27
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

You can also donate online by going to the website:www.sevashramsangha.org and click on donation.

Thank you very much

Swami Amarnathananda



Dear Devotees,

Please accept the divine blessings of
Sadgurudev Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj.

I write these few words to extend our thankfulness to you for your overwhelming support for the 'Amphan super cyclone' which affected people in the states of West Bengal and Orissa, India. Presently, the 'Bharat Sevasrham Sangha' is distributing cooked food, dry food, baby food, clothes, Chire -gur, tarpaulins, some medicines, drinking water to thousands of people at Sundarvans, Sagar Islands, Kakdwip etc. areas in West Bengal. Our Puri and Bhuvanesar centers are doing the same works in Orissa. This entire operations is going on under the direct supervison by Pujjya Swami Biswatmanandaji Maharaj, the general secretary of the Sangha.

After these immediate needs are fulfilled, the Sangha will be starting reconstruction works. You have overwhelmingly taken part in fulfilling the immediate needs for these desperately needy people. If you are interested in future reconstruction work, please send your donations to -

Bharat Sevashram Sangha,

3490 Route 27, Kendall Park,

New Jersey 08824

We are glad to inform you that today I have transferred the first set of donations, contributed by you,  to our Kolkata Headquarter.

You can also donate online. Please visit our web page at  www.sevashramsangha.org and go to donation.

Since fund collections are still going on,  I will be transferring other funds in future days. Please see footage of the Amphan Relief work rendered by the monks and volunteers of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, to the effected people in West Bengal.

Thanking everybody for your kind support. Thanking you for supporting the Covid-19 effected people also.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Swami Amarnathananda.

Tel: 732 422 8880

Special Request to our Community

At this hour of great hardship of life, please accept the divine blessings of Sadgurudev Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj.


Stay safe, healthy, mentally very strong and positive. Because of this 'Corona Virus (Covid-19) problem, recently our Ashram is going through a phase of difficult financial inconvenience. It is my soulful request to you, please help the Ashram at this hour of need. Please write your contribution in the name of 'BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA' and mail to-

Bharat Sevashram Sangha,
3490 Route 27,
Kendall Park,
New Jersey 08824

I pray at the lotus feet of Goddess Durga, the mother of this Universe, Oh Mother! please remove this great fear from this world permanently. Once again, please remain very positive, mentally very strong and look forward for brighter days ahead.


Swami Amarnathananda
Tel:732 422 8880


Ashram Coronavirus Message

Presently, the whole world is going through a period of great tension, fear and sense of personal and social insecurity. People are deeply panicked and they are confused how and what will protect them from this great fear. But, it is my request to you, please do not lose faith in God. I strongly believe, it is the time of trial of our faith to that All Merciful Lord. Like many other turmoils in life, we will surely win this one also. I am confident that this enemy of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), will soon disappear from this world. God created this beautiful planet Earth. He can not allow it to be destroyed. Our joint prayer will surely reach the lotus feet of the Lord and we believe, His divine blessings will fall upon us soon.

Please stay positive and mentally very strong.

We as an organization, are opening a relief fund strictly restricted to help Coronavirus-effected people only. It is one of the main objectives of the 'Bharat Sevashram Sangha'  to stand by the side of people, at the time of great need. If you want to be part of this noble efforts, please send your donation in the name of 'BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA' and mail to:


With prayers for everybody in this world
Swami Amarnathananda
Head Monk,

Tel: 732-422-8880


If you would love to sponsor any one of these pujas or festivals, please give a call to Ashram at 732 422 8880 or send an email to bssnj@hotmail.com. For more details on booking pujas in general please click here



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Social Services

Our large network of volunteers enables the Sangha to respond promptly and effectively to disasters like famines, droughts, floods, earthquakes and other calamities. We focus on meeting immediate basic human needs by providing shelter, food, and health relief services. We also provide assistance to individuals and families affected by disaster to enable them to resume their normal daily activities independently.