Puja Booking

To book a puja at your home, business place or at ashram, please call - 732 422 8880 or send an email to bssnj@hotmail.com.  Please book your puja well ahead of time.


Donation rates for a private puja are as follows –

Satyanarayan Puja $201
Griha-pravesh Puja $301
Upanayan Samskar at Ashram or at your home $401
Annaprasan $201
Navagraha Puja or Graha Shanti $301
Adya Sraddha at Ashram or at your home $351
Barsik Sraddha at Ashram or at your home $351
Bibaha Samskar
        In State $1001
        Out of State

(family is responsible for airfare, food and lodging costs)

Nandimukh $301
Ashirvad Ceremony $251
Chaturthi Kriya $201
Puja Organized by a Club.

(Club has to pay travelling cost and food & accommodation expenses)

        Durga Puja $1001
        Kali Puja $501
        Saraswati Puja $351
        Lakshmi Puja $251
Lakshmi Puja at home $301
Sasthi Puja $151
Bhagavad Geeta Path at your home $351
Chandi Path at your home $351
Car Puja at Ashram $51
Prayer, Geeta Path $351
Funeral Service $351
Mundan Samskar at Ashram $251
Bhumi Puja $301
Panchamrita Pan $101
Basement Hall Booking (6 hours) $501


Please book your puja ahead of time with full payment. Please pay by check in the name of ‘BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA.’ Yajman is requested to pick up the priest from Ashram and bring him back to temple again as soon as puja is finished.

Thank you!