Failure and Defeat

Failure and Defeat

By Swami Atmananda

A life becomes successful by going through the path of failures and defeats. People accomplish their ultimate victory by walking through the path of mistakes, errors and flops. So, do not be depressed, sorrowful and broken hearted when you face failure and defeats momentarily.

The journey of life is very difficult and it is full of dangers; sadness and disastrous, risks and problems, defeats and failures are regular stories there. But he who is heroic, who is brave, he doesn’t care about all these ups and downs. Rather, he remains focused on his desired goal. Someone who want to climbs high, he falls down, someone who walks at road, get stumble. Life is so challenging that even a very intelligent and careful person also faces defeat and his feet also bleed. A person who is known to people as heroic and brave, face defeat sometimes. But that doesn’t mean he stops his journey. Someone who is brave, does not get scared of this temporary fall. He doesn’t have that kind of time also. Because, there is a limitation of days, there is numbers of years and time of life. Every day, there is decrease of strength, capabilities, memory and intellect. Old age, sickness and death are there waiting for us. But the road ahead is very difficult to pass through. The goal is still far away. So, an intelligent person does not waste his time with unnecessary repentance. He moves forward in life with heroism. He keeps dangers and difficulties under his feet and he ignores all of his failures and defeats. He falls down, but again he rises up. One time he falls down, one step he goes back. But then again, to reach his goal, he moves forward with endless enthusiasm, infinite energy and with unbreakable bravery and tenacity. Nothing can stop him and nothing can defeat his energy. He knows well that failure is the sign of success and He knows that ‘struggle is life.’ A life which is energy less, a person who is lifeless like a piece of stone, who is aimless, motionless and no destination to reach, there no defeat, victory or defeat, rise and fall and there is no dangers and difficulties. But he whose movements are like a running river in mountains, he who is speeding intensely towards his set goals, dangers, difficulties and obstacles come just in front of him only. It is he who crosses hills, mountains, dangerous rivers, oceans, and dessert to reach his goal, to fulfill his duties. It is because of this; the seekers of truth prefer to face all difficulties of life and it is these people who face victory and defeat both. Up above, there is thunder, there is cyclone in life, there is threatening of death, but heroic traveler remains focused, fearless, strong and he continue his journey. A heroic traveler feels joy in struggle, he feels happy to be on the battlefield. No obstruction, no barricade can stop him. This person moves forward towards his destination with unbroken energy, limitless bravery and tremendous will power.

A person who is a coward, who is fearful, who is inexperienced in life, he is broken down because of defeat. But an experienced person knows that sadness, sorrows, unhappiness, failures and unsuccessfulness, these things are very temporary. These things are not long lasting. These are steps to reach his goal. He knows that these failures, these defeats and these obstacles are trials of his strength and bravery. Failures make a person experienced. And every time he fails, he gathers his strength more to face difficulties.

Friends! Please abandon this sadness, depression of failures, dejection, mental weakness and repentance forever. Stand up like a real hero. In this battleground of life, you are a heroic soldier. Move forward with tremendous will power, indomitable energy, unbroken faith and endless energy. Move forward, move forward and move forward! What fear? What hesitation? Heroic Sannyasi Swami Vivekananda said –

“Be not be discouraged, onward, onward, upon ages of struggle, a character is built.”

Do not get depressed. Do not feel that you are incapable to do things. Do not feel helpless. If you remain strict and follow the path of truth, there will be people who will be with you. At midnight, silently focus your mind towards God, the Supreme. Ask shelter under his holy feet with your heartfelt prayer. He is kind, he understands your pain good and he is looking after you in every way. He will wipe out tears from your eyes, he will remove all pain of defeat, failures, and depression. He will give you the strength to face all the challenges of life.